Celebrate Christmas with a last-day-before-break school party!

If you attended public school as a child, think back for a moment to what the last week leading up to Christmas break was like.

I remember doing fun worksheets with Christmas themes, coloring a lot, making a craft, sitting around talking with classmates, listening to background music in the classroom, and eating treats at our desks. Quite frankly, they were some of the best days of the year, but it still counted as school.

I know now that the teachers were, most likely, as ready for the break as we students were. Now that I am the (homeschool) teacher, I have chosen to incorporate those ideas into our December plans.

On the last day of your homeschool before Christmas, why not have a little Christmas fun and celebrate the season as you learn? Here are some ideas we have used in our homeschool Christmas party.

Read Luke 2. 

We are, after all, a Christian homeschool. So, we read Scripture in school. Better yet, have the children memorize certain parts or all of Luke 2 ahead of the day and then recite it during your party.

If you really want to dig deep, look up the Old Testament prophecies foretelling the miraculous birth or read Matthew 1-2 which includes the story of the wise men from the East.

Luke 2 NKJV – Christ Born of Mary

Listen to Christmas carols and learn about their history.

The traditional Christmas hymns combine worship, encouragement, and the Gospel message. When you learn the history of the hymn, it adds a biographical study as well.

Christmas Carols & Hymns Unit Study {Free} — DIY Homeschooler

Some Stories behind Christmas Carols – Christmas Customs and Traditions

Whychristmas.com includes lots of information about the history of various Christmas traditions as well.

If your children play instruments, have a private recital. Alternatively, play some of your own music or find the Christmas hymns online and sing along.

22 Awesome Christmas Hymns and Carols

Listen to or watch Christmas music videos.

Add some Christmas joy to your party with music. Many Christian artists have recorded wonderful Christmas music that can be found online, such as Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, and the always-worshipful Keith and Krystin Getty. The lyrics might even begin some significant conversations.

Emmanuel (WOW Christmas) – Michael W. Smith

“This Baby”: Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas Video

Gettys Sing! An Irish Christmas |  Joy To The World

Our family loves the music of The Piano Guys, so we included their video of Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos) in our party, munching on treats as we watched. Angels We Have Heard on High (Christmas with 32 fingers and 8 thumbs) is a creative rendition of that hymn that also includes a cute Christmas train.

Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos) – The Piano Guys

Angels We Have Heard on High (Christmas with 32 fingers and 8 thumbs)

Did you know you can find hours and hours of Christmas music with pretty winter/Christmas pictures on YouTube? Here’s a link to get you started:

Greatest Christian Christmas Songs 2021 Best Playlist – The Best Of Christian Music Christmas Songs

Complete some fun Christmas-themed activity sheets.

We couldn’t have a homeschool Christmas party without some activity sheets. The following links have lots and lots of choices: dot-to-dot, word search, crossword puzzle, coloring page, color by number, spot the difference. I particularly liked the Nativity crossword puzzle.

Christmas Worksheets for Children

Worksheets & Free Printables

Christmas Nativity Crossword Puzzle | Worksheet

Even teenagers enjoy a word puzzle or a coloring page now and then, especially if it means a break from pre-calculus.

Make a Christmas craft. 

I am craft-challenged, so anytime my children make a craft it is a special day. In our home, we made a simple paper chain, but before we stapled them together, the children wrote Christmas words and bits of Scripture on the links.

The ideas are endless for cute Christmas crafts. Just choose one that matches your children’s ability level (and yours as well). 

29 Best Christmas Crafts For Kids to Make – Ideas for Christmas Decorations for Kids

50+ Christmas Crafts for Kids

Make treats. 

What would a party be without something neat to eat? Depending on your children’s ages, get them involved and take the opportunity to nurture some kitchen skills. Since it’s fun, they may not even realize that they are learning.

Pretzel M&M Hugs are easy for little fingers to put together. Christmas Cornflake Wreaths add a bit of nostalgia to the party. These were very popular to make when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, but they are still both delicious and cute. Find some creative ideas below.

25 adorable Christmas treats to make with your kids

My family loves these cake mix cookies because they are so fast and easy yet absolutely delicious. We use the yellow cake mix and add Christmas-colored M&Ms to make them festive.

Cake Mix M&M Cookies


As you can see, preparation for this day of school can be absolutely minimal and completed even the morning of your party. After all, the teacher is looking forward to Christmas break, too!

Christmas is a wonderful time to treasure the days with your children! They don’t stay children for long, so be present and embrace the moments. Children remember and hold onto these special, exciting days. Make memories together that you all can cherish for a lifetime.