2023 Academic Achievement Study


Standardized testing from the comfort of home!

In Indiana, homeschooled families are NOT required to test. Many families, however, find testing to be beneficial. IAHE is pleased to partner with BJU Press Testing and Evaluation to offer the Iowa Assessments from home.

When you test with IAHE & BJU Press, the IAHE will receive a group report (based on ANONYMOUS student data), allowing us to showcase to legislators the success of home-educated students.

Participate in 3 easy steps!

Step One: Choose your type of test.

Step Two: Order Your Test 


  • Call BJU directly at (800) 845-5731 to order your tests.
  • Indicate when scheduling & ordering that you are testing with the IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators) ID number NV9H35CE and save 10% off of your testing purchase!


  • Setup your account on BJU Homeschool’s Parent Portal using IAHE’s link.
  • Make sure that you see IAHE’s ID number NV9H35CE and save 10% off of your testing purchase!

Step 3: Take the survey!

Complete the survey before your student completes the assessment!

*To complete the survey, you’ll need your student’s ID number.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an Indiana homeschooler, am I required to test my children?

No, Indiana homeschoolers are not required to take standardized testing. However, many parents find standardized testing to be beneficial.

Can my homeschool group set up testing through this portal? We do testing as one group in a centralized location.

Yes. Your test administrator may use this portal to order tests for all of your group. They will need to exhibit that they are qualified test proctor before orders will be filled.

After ordering, the test administrator must notify parents of the student ID numbers so that parents may take the survey. 

Can my student's test scores from another source be included in the study?

At this time, only Iowa form E and Iowa form E with CogAt purchased from BJU Press may be included. 

What is the purpose of testing and research?

Indiana-specific homeschool research has never been done and national research is more than a decade old. This data will be used to create state-specific homeschool research as IAHE works to protect the freedoms that private homeschool families enjoy in Indiana as they meet with state representatives.

Who can participate?

This study is for Indiana students enrolled in a nonaccredited nonpublic school, i.e. a homeschool. 

Students enrolled in a virtual public school program are not eligible to be included in the research.

Who will receive the data?

NHERI will receive National Percentile Rank data and the survey from the parent. The IAHE will receive agregate, or group, data.

Why should I test my children?
  • Protect Homeschool Freedom
    Establishing an Indiana database of compiled scores lends credibility to the educational excellence of homeschool students. Because homeschooled students historically score very high, the larger the number of students tested, the more convincing our scores become to both legislators and the public.

    Your participation is encouraged, not only for your own information, but to continue to safeguard our freedoms.

  • Learn Test Taking Success
    Following directions, relaxing under pressure, pacing oneself, and completing work in an allotted time are all great skills that can be honed through taking tests.

    Testing can be a valuable preparation for college entrance exams such as the ACT, CLT, and SAT.

  • Provide A Benchmark
    Standardized tests indicate how your child compares academically to other children at his grade level.

    While we do have the privilege of seeing our children learn on a day-to-day basis, it is beneficial to assess a child’s year-to-year development of learning.

  • We Protect Your Privacy
    The data shown to Indiana legislators is comprised of combined scores of homeschool students statewide. Individual scores are never obtained by the IAHE.
Will my child's identity be kept confidential?

Yes. Your student’s identifying information is secure with BJU Press Homeschool.

Students’ identifying information will not be attached to their scores when passed to IAHE and NHERI for analysis and interpretation. Demographic information such as age, grade, number of years homeschooled, etc. will be used to interpret the data, but any other identifying information will be removed prior to being provided to the researchers.