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Serving Indiana Homeschool Families Since 1983

We believe raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling;

We believe in empowering parents to raise and educate the next generation of leaders;

We believe a loving family home is the best environment for children;

We believe homeschooling is one of the best models for educating children;

We believe home education changes lives;

We believe in keeping Indiana families free.

Your IAHE membership, IAHE event attendance, and donations support the work of a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors and team. Since 1983, the IAHE has worked to Encourage, Protect, and Serve Indiana homeschool families.

When you join the IAHE you are working alongside our team to keep homeschooling strong in our state.

You are the missing puzzle piece!

Three Membership Options

IAHE Membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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Your Support Matters

Although homeschooling is relatively easy in our state today, those freedoms were hard fought. The IAHE stands in the gap and helps safeguard your legal right to homeschool by keeping its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Indianapolis. The IAHE works closely with IAHE Action and the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) to protect the homeschool community in Indiana.

Your membership support helps us provide these vital resources and so much more.

Legislative Updates

Along with our sister organization IAHE Action, IAHE actively monitors legislative issues to protect homeschooling freedoms, while informing you through a statewide action alert network.


Interactive, edifying sources of up-to-date information



The premier website for homeschool information in Indiana

IAHE Regional Representatives

Our team of veteran homeschool representatives available to assist in 17 regions across the state of Indiana.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an ID Card and IAHE Membership Card?

Our ID Card creator will allow IAHE Members to create Student or Teacher ID cards that that can be printed at home. Premium Members will also receive a plastic membership card in the mail four to six weeks after they join.

Can I use my ID Card or Membership card for teacher discounts?

Most retailers and museums that offer discounts to teachers also extend these discounts to homeschool parents. Coming soon… we’ll have a full list of our team’s favorite places to save!

What are the advantages of joining the IAHE vs. HSLDA?

Both organizations provide great benefits. IAHE and HSLDA work together to serve homeschool families. The biggest difference between the two is that HSLDA protects individual families if they run into legal issues, but the IAHE is here in Indiana protecting homeschool families at the statehouse all year long. We fight legislation that impacts homeschool freedom. We recommend joining both. 

Membership has its benefits.


As a Premium Member, you will have access to freebies and discounts from top homeschool publishers and organizations.

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Alpha Omega
  • HSLDA Membership
  • HSLDA Academy
  • Grand Canyon University
  • SchoolhouseTeachers.com
  • Homeschooling Today
  • & more!