As Easter approaches, a slew of activities will likely be taking place in your area—church services, egg hunts, cookouts, and the like. This holiday is a great time of year, not only is the weather usually mild to warm, but it is usually a fantastic way to get together with family and friends.

Although we tend to spend time with others, it is important not to forget what Easter is really about. For many of us, this season starts with Good Friday, or the day we observe Jesus dying on the cross for us. We follow that day up with Easter, or Resurrection Sunday. This day is very special as we celebrate and announce the resurrection of Christ, how he came back to life, and how he will one day come again.

There are lots of different activities that can be done at your home to celebrate this special holiday. Here are some ideas.

Holy Week Story Stones 

Grab some markers or paint and stones and go over the whole resurrection story, from Palm Sunday onwards. 

Water Color Art

Make your own tomb and show that “He has risen.”

Resurrection Eggs

Discuss with your family the last days of Jesus’s time on earth. What did he do? What did he go through? You will need a few supplies, but it could definitely be a fun and educational activity. 

The Jellybean Prayer

Grab some jellybeans and talk about some of things Jesus did. For little kids, this can be a stand-alone activity. Bigger kids can even dive deeper and find examples of each thing the poem states.   

Easter Resurrection Rolls

Make a family snack and learn about the empty tomb with these rolls. You get to make them together and discuss the tomb where Jesus was buried. 

Easter Cross

A fun craft for everyone. This may be geared for the younger ages, but I have a feeling the older ones will enjoy being creative with their paint. 

Paper plate Easter Egg  

This is a fun craft. It showcases your traditional Easter egg, but when you open it up, you see the cross.

Cross Suncatcher

Share your art with the neighborhood by placing your suncatcher cross in your window or on your door for all to see. 

Tomb Centerpiece

Share your empty tomb masterpiece with your family and your guests by placing it as a centerpiece on your table. You could also probably place it in your garden. 

Easter Advent

Do you want to do a full week of activities? Check out these daily projects and readings for the whole family to enjoy the week leading to Easter. 


There are so many ways to celebrate Easter with the whole family. Whether you choose to do crafts to talk about certain aspects of the day, or you decide to just read through the bible verses with your kids, everyone can learn something.