Why teach your children about American Independence? Because their future may depend on them knowing and understanding our history.

Our founding fathers broke free from tyranny. We can honor their sacrifices, and the sacrifices of generations after them, by working to preserve that freedom that they won for us. Training up the next generation in the principles of freedom is an important aspect of preserving our freedom. 

Here at IAHE, we are thankful for the independence that was won for our country in 1776, and the freedom we have to home educate our children today. Living in a free society is something we don’t want to take for granted. Here are some activities to enjoy with your family as you celebrate Independence Day this year.

Civics Resources

Have you wanted to teach your children more about our government and civics? Now is your chance! Try out these two fantastic ebooks:  Your Guide to U.S. Civics and The Future Statesman’s Handbook.

Activity Pack

Looking for activities for elementary aged children? Check out Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers’ July 4th Activity Pack. It’s fun and engaging!


What kid doesn’t love slime? Now they can make Patriotic Slime with this recipe from Only Passionate Curiosity.


Looking for some great book ideas? Check out what Our Life Homeschooling has to suggest. 

Educational Fun

Do you want to work a little education into your celebration this year? You won’t want to miss these exciting and educational ideas for celebrating Independence Day. From Scripture memorization to science activities, and patriotic songs to crafts and books, there is something for every family at Fearless Faithful Mom.


Who’s up for a movie night? Pop the popcorn. If you have seen Dave Stotts in his other Drive Through History videos, you know that he is anything but boring. Dave Stotts takes you to the actual places where history was made in The History of Independence Day.

With these resources and ideas and so many more out there to be discovered, your Independence Day celebration should be fantastic. Celebrate well fellow homeschoolers!

Happy Independence Day!