IAHE recently received questions from home educators regarding a letter that they received from the Indiana Department of Health regarding the HPV vaccine. The letter is a reminder recall that is being sent to families whose information is in the CHIRP system (Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program).

IAHE has been working with Lindsey Craig, Director of Public Health & Family Policy, in the Governor’s office on this issue. She told us that the letter is standard practice according to the Center for Disease Control guidelines. The letter does not constitute a mandate for this vaccine. It is our understanding that those who administer vaccinations are required by law to enter the information into the registry. Families are able to opt-out of the registry by filling out this formThis is a permanent opt-out that cannot be reversed.  It should be carefully considered and discussed with your healthcare provider before completing the form.  Information about the immunization data registry can be found here:  IC 16-38-5.

Update:  If parents simply do not want to receive reminder recall letters, but still want to maintain their child’s immunization data in the CHIRP registry, they can simply call the ISDH and request to be excluded from future mailings.

If you have further concerns about the registry, contact your state legislators.

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