2019 IAHE Convention Workshop Audio Bundle

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Over 45 workshop sessions from the IAHE Home Educators’ Convention in Indianapolis, March 22 & 23, 2019.


Experience the benefit of learning from our 2019 IAHE Convention workshops through MP3 audio downloads featuring:

  • Israel Wayne
  • Diana Waring
  • David & Shirley Quine
  • Tara Bentley
  • Stacy Hanaway
  • Rebecca Barnes
  • Kathy Balke
  • Ron & Vicky Broadfield
  • Lisa Yankey
  • Dianna Ruark
  • Rachel Anderson
  • Bridgette Whitlow-Spurlock
  • Annie Nichols
  • Alison Slatter
  • Matt Lowry
  • Becky Bowyer
  • Cameron Mayhill
  • Woody Robertson

Topics include (but not limited to):

  • Homeschool 101
  • Dual Credit on Steroids: A Radical Approach to the Junior and Senior Years
  • Daily Plans: Setting Your Homeschool Schedule
  • Words, Work and Wine
  • Walking in Worship
  • Moving Rocks – How serving leads to Worship! by Cameron Mayhill
  • Homeschool 2.0: A Fresh Look at Education
  • How to Homeschool High School
  • Study Like a Genius: Unlocking Your Brain
  • Raising an Adult, Not a Child: A Solution for the Peter Pan Epidemic
  • Homeschooling 365, 24/7
  • Successful Transitions
  • Giving up or Giving in
  • Homeschooling Special Needs Children in Indiana
  • You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher
  • Fractions: Misunderstood by Most
  • Options: Choosing Your Curriculum
  • Purpose: Find Your Child’s Special Gift
  • Pacing: How to Stay on Schedule with Your Curriculum
  • For the Children’s Sake: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason
  • Homeschooling Unplugged
  • End Game: Exploring Career Goals
  • The History of the Homeschooling Movement
  • Pitchin’ a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting
  • Slowing Down the Pace of Daily Life

And many more!

1 review for 2019 IAHE Convention Workshop Audio Bundle

  1. Amy Sager

    I have been homeschooling for a number of years, but there is always more to learn. There are always ways to improve my own homeschool and new ideas to try out. I love Diana Waring because she helped me remember to keep building strong relationships with my kids while I was teaching them. Israel Wayne, and Tara Bentley, and Kathy Balke always have great insights and wisdom to share. I’m so excited to these all these workshops as a bundle. Thanks IAHE!

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