Many families have been affected by the flooding in Louisiana, wildfires in California, and, most recently, tornadoes in the Kokomo area.

Some of these families are fellow homeschoolers. Some of these families have lost everything, including their homeschool curriculum. If you would like to help these homeschool families financially, please look at the following links.

homeschool helpHome School Foundation Emergency Relief Fund: The Home School Foundation is a charity of HSLDA. Many homeschool families have reached out to HSF for help in replacing curriculum.

Home School Foundation Louisiana or California Ambassador Fund: Donating to this fund helps homeschool families with tangible needs like food and clothing while they wait for insurance claims. This fund also helps replace items not covered by insurance.

CHEF of Louisiana: This organization is in contact with HSLDA to identify needs of homeschool families. This includes helping to replace curriculum.

Kokomo Urban Outreach Faith in Action Fund: Kokomo Urban Outreach has recognized a need for families losing time at work while they clean up damage from the tornadoes. Faith in Action is temporarily hiring those in need of a paycheck to work cleaning up storm damaged and get paid immediately.