2023 IAHE Conference Workshops – Audio Bundle


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Over 80 MP3 workshop recordings from the 2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference. Featuring:

  • Zan Tyler
  • Ken Ham
  • Rick Green
  • Dr. Roger and Jan Smith
  • Ginny Yurich
  • Sarah Janisse Brown
  • LaNissir James
  • and more!

Sessions include:

Homeschooling – A God-Centered Revival that Begins in Your Living Room
Discipleship at Home. Renewing Your Purpose
Art and Music – Windows into Worldviews
Math – Does it Matter How You Teach?
Homeschooling: A Recent Return to a Well-Worn Road
High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips
Embracing the Imperfections
Speech Therapy at Home: When to Call the SLP (and when to DIY)
Teaching Elemetary Science Using History as a Guide
1000 Hours Outside, How Nature Immersion Sets Kids Up for Lifetime Success
Why Teaching Boys to Read Is Different Than Teaching Girls!
Classical Education 101
Building Community
Dual Enrollment: When, Where, Why, and How
Who Holds Your Child’s Heart
When Labels Don’t Seem to Fit
A Christian Worldview Response to Socialism & Social Justice
Pulling in the Same Direction: A Family Vision for Homeschooling
Government Affairs Panel
Addition and Subtraction: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Not Everyone Learns in the Same Way.
Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans
For the Children’s Sake: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason
IEPs vs ISPs – When Your Special Learner Participates in Special Education
Middle & High School Math – What Do I Teach My Child?
Funschooling: Lifestyle and Approach
5 Ways to Increase Your Impact
The Noble Career of Home and Family Manager
Busting the Top Homeschool Myths
College Readiness
Dad’s Essential Role
Neuro-Diverse Kids and Learning to Read and Spell – 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts Strategies from the Trenches!
NCFCA Christian Speech and Debate
Teaching Across Many Grade Levels
Old School Home School
Multiplication and Division: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
How Talking with Your Children Can Stimulate Learning
Recordkeeping & Orgainzation for High School: Simplifying the Process
Protecting the Future: How to Apply Civics
Helping Your Anxious Child Succeed with Tests
Let’s Move & Groove: Fun, Kinesthetic Activities That Increase English Mastery
The Relevance of Genesis and the Christian Worldview
Be of Good Cheer…Liberty is Making a Comeback!
Transitioning from Controlling to Influencing Your Children
Special: Homeschooling Your Unique Child
Preventing and Recovering from Homeschool Burnout
Raising G-Rated Sons in an R-Rated World (*For Men Only)
Re-Igniting Your Struggling Reader! Using Phonics to Transform Kids into Avid Readers
Parents Are the Secret Sauce to Speech Therapy Success
Nature & Nurture: Inspiring Vision through the Integration of Art Nature & Literature
Homeschooling, You’re Doing It Right!
Making Science Come A.L.I.V.E.
Volunteering Imperfectly
Be Engaged: The Benefits of Civic Involvement
Extracurriculars & Electives – Resumes & Recommendations
Working Full-Time, Homeschooling Full-Time
It Takes a Tribe: Finding and Building Your Community as You Homeschool a Special Learner
Experience the Classical Education Model (while learning about the pyramids)
Parenting Kids to Face the Giants
Sports Panel
Traps that Hinder Homeschooling
Bonding with Your Children Through Writing Together
Fostering an Adventurous Spirit
Re-Igniting Your Struggling Reader! Using Phonics to Transform Kids into Avid Readers
Homeschooling with Toddlers in the House
Teaching the Junior High & High School Sciences at Home
Teaching Civics in a Fun & Purposeful Way
How to Get the Most Out of Your Music Lessons
Raising Warriors (Ephesians 6:10-17)
Test or Assess? A Conversation about How to Evaluate Your Student
Homeschooling through High School: Don’t Quit Now
Faith vs Fear: preparing a foundation for college readiness
Scripture Memorization
RightStart™ Math: Why it Works Have you heard the buzz about RightStart™ Math?
Walk by the Way, Teaching Spiritual Truths through Natural Means
The Power of Your Child’s Emotion and Your Need to Understand
Homeschooling the Only Child
The Five Languages of Learning
Essential Skills for Successful Teens: Study and Time Management
Fractions The Way You Wish YOU Had Been Taught
MomCare: Taking Care of You as You Care for Your Family
Setting Their Hope in God


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