Homeschooling on a Budget

Find Free or Inexpensive Homeschool Curriculum

Can I afford to homeschool?

MYTH: Homeschooling is expensive.
TRUTH: It doesn’t have to be!

Who needs fancy smart boards when a whiteboard from Dollar Tree will do just fine?  Do you need personal computers to type a paper? Most public libraries have computers available for free to patrons. Google Docs allows the paper to be accessible from any web-connected computer along with many free or inexpensive curriculum and learning options.

Homeschool families have been utilizing inventive solutions to perceived barriers for decades.

MYTH: Homeschool families are wealthy.
TRUTH: Based on recent research, A demographically wide variety of people homeschool – low-, middle-, and high-income families. Also, homeschool students score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income.

At first glance, shopping for a homeschool curriculum can seem like a pursuit for only the wealthy. But, the fact is that most homeschool families spend less than expected on curriculum. There are many free and inexpensive homeschool curriculum options.

  • Utilize resources from your local library.
  • Watch for used curriculum sales.
  • Borrow curriculum from a friend.
  • Invest in multi-level curriculum.
  • Use free or low-cost online options.


While free or inexpensive resources work for some students, they don’t fit the needs of all families. For even more options, we also recommend that you review more of our favorite options on our Homeschool Curriculum & Resources directory.


The IAHE does not recommend or endorse any individual curriculum.