Jan Smith

2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference Featured Speaker

Jan Smith

Jan Smith

Parenting with Influence

The Smiths hail from Louisiana where Roger is a medical doctor, and Jan manages their horse farm and businesses. All four of their adult children were homeschooled until the college years, and home education has been an exciting journey for them where they became experts in home and family management, leadership, and community service. They continue to serve in their church as mentors and teachers, as well as serving on the board of their state homeschool organization and the board of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leaders.



5 Ways to Increase Your Impact

Every homeschool mom thinks she is failing and wants guidance. Every one of them also can help another. Jan will give practical tips to finding a mentor or being a mentor. From child training to seemingly fruitless discipline, every mom needs a confidant for comfort and reassurance, or a new perspective. Get ideas from Jan’s forty years of mentoring.

Discipleship at Home: Renewing Your Purpose with Dr. Roger Smith

How are your children growing toward adulthood? Children have essential needs that enable them to grow up, and it is our job to help meet those needs. This session will identify the core needs that must be met to provide optimal growth toward maturity, and the Smiths will discuss how we, as parents, can effectively meet those needs. Home is the place where children grow the most. Be inspired to change your home environment resulting in a better outcome for all. Handout included.

Transitioning from Controlling to Influencing Your Children with Dr. Roger Smith

Have you ever said, “My kids are out of control!”?  The Smiths will show you why it is not such a bad thing, and will even encourage you to transfer more control for the good of the children, and for your own sanity.  Though this is not a new idea, the way of thinking about it is foreign to most people.  Having raised 4 children to lead productive lives as adults, the Smiths bring real-life stories from their past to illustrate both good and bad approaches to control in the family.  You will be encouraged, and you will be inspired.

Fostering an Adventurous Spirit with Dr. Roger Smith

Having watched their children approach life with gusto, sensing few boundaries, the Smiths will share some of the things they think made it possible for their children to think outside the box, and live like it!  Stories from others they know, and examples from scripture will be used to help make the ideas and approaches applicable to your home.  We all want our children to be brave.  This session will examine what that may look like in its development