Kathy Balke

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Kathy Balke

Kathy Balke


Kathy Balke and her husband, Pat, began homeschooling in 1986. Initially taking one year at a time, they enjoyed it so much they kept it up for 28 years, graduating all six of their children. They have served as IAHE Regional Representatives for 14 years, helping others get started on this amazing adventure called homeschooling.

Homeschooling Unplugged
Are you troubled by the amount of time you and your kids spend in front of a screen? In this workshop, Kathy Balke will share her family’s technological journey, and tell you how “unplugging” is not only possible, but did wonders in their homeschool. Whether you are a new homeschool parent or just in need of some encouragement, Kathy can help you develop a life of learning together, building character and growing as a family.   

For the Children’s Sake: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason
Who was Charlotte Mason, and why are homeschoolers so interested in her nearly 100 years after she lived? Kathy Balke will introduce you to this amazing woman who devoted her life to developing a philosophy of education that transformed schooling from a tedious chore to a delightful privilege. Join us as we learn about living books, narration, nature study, and more. Charlotte Mason’s methods reshaped education in England and can change your home as well!

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