The IAHE is blessed with the best volunteers!

Everyone has a different capacity to serve during different times in their life. It takes a team of many different people, in different stages of life to serve the homeschool community. With the wisdom and experience of veteran parents and the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of younger families, #TeamIAHE is made up of an incredible group of people.

What Brings Me Joy

Because the IAHE is a statewide organization, our team works remotely from our homes. Everyone works on their own timetable and picks their own schedule. Family first. We utilize email, Facebook, and Skype to connect with each other. The perk of working with moms and dads remotely is the glimpses that I get into many homes.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Josiah’s (age 10) Venus flytrap plant and hearing how he has to feed it each morning.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of seeing McCormick’s (age 6) drawings of his fish as he shared about how the fish now get to go camping with them each time.
  • I’ve had sweet meetings with moms while they help a sleeping baby on their lap.
  • And, I get the pleasure of being greeted by adult children as they come home from work and want to grab mom’s attention.

While our homeschooling years are behind us, I am blessed to still be a part of the homeschooling community through the IAHE. I LOVE our team and their children. I LOVE what we do.

Tara Bentley
Executive Director

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Have you considered how you can help serve Indiana homeschool families?
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Volunteering with IAHE has been a wonderful experience for me. You (yes, you!) should definitely look into an opportunity of your own.

Amy D.

Social Media Moderator

Volunteering with IAHE is my opportunity to pay-it-forward. In the early years of our homeschool, I didn’t have the time or energy to help protect homeschool freedom in Indiana. While I was busy teaching mine to read, add, subtract, multiply, and divide, someone else was using their time to volunteer. Now it’s my turn to do that for others.
Heidi K

Social Media Manager

I know that if I do not spend time helping to guard our freedom in homeschooling, I’ll spend more time in the future because I’ll have to deal with red tape and government hassles once our freedom is eroded away.

Lisa Y.

Government Affairs Team

I love volunteering with the IAHE special needs ministry because it allows me to continue using my education to bless others while I am not working full time in order to homeschool my boys. I love homeschooling and if I can help make life easier for just ONE family, then it’s SO worth it!
Annie N

Special Needs Ministry Moderator

I volunteer for IAHE because protecting homeschool freedom is so important. Our liberty makes some people very uncomfortable, and they would like to curtail it. I had no idea of how others were protecting my liberty in Indiana for me while I was homeschooling. Our freedom is fragile and the dedication of homeschool parents protecting their freedom at the Statehouse sends a message to legislators. Thank you to all the volunteers who serve in this capacity.
Debi K

Government Affairs Director

Thank you to Teaching Textbooks for their support of the 2017 IAHE Volunteer Fair!