This spring, I am reminded of the joy my family experienced each year when the completion of textbooks and workbooks trickled to an end. As each subject fell from our daily “to do” list, we had more time to devote to the goal of steadily finishing strong in subjects like math. We also had an increased opportunity to take our learning outside. Some of our favorite annual spring memories range from reading aloud together in a hammock to working together to make our little garden grow.

What happened to the winter days of January and February when we often wondered if we were ever going to get through? These cold and sometimes snowy months often brought with them doubts of my ability to homeschool. Would my children be prepared for independence in the world? Would they be able to transition to college without concern regarding their educational abilities? What blinders did my husband and I have regarding their social, emotional, and life skills?

My worries seemed to gradually disperse with the fading of the gray clouds of winter and the emergence of the bright blue skies of spring. Just as we were seeing progress from seed to seedling in our garden, we were seeing progress in our homeschooling family. The repetition of this over the years helped me to see things from God’s ability more than my own, and my winter outlook steadily became less bleak. He had this. It was my job just to faithfully keep tending—and to turn my focus back on His power when anxiety crept in.

Now my children are grown. I have one daughter who married before COVID restrictions. Her twin is marrying this spring, hopefully bookending the craziness of the past year. My son will be finishing his sophomore year in college. Does our family have it all together now? No, we sure do not. We all have more growing to do—in areas known and unknown to us. We made it through the ups and downs of our homeschooling years, though, and can give Him the credit for getting us through with so many blessings along the way.

I know this has been a first year for many stepping into the unchartered waters of homeschooling. What a year to do it—in the middle of coronavirus chaos! I can imagine you have had doubts about your abilities. My hope and prayer is that you are reminded of progress being made too. I know it is there. Taking one day at a time and striving to work for the Lord, not men’s expectations, is all that He asks us to do. He will take care of the rest. 

This spring, may your energy elevate and creativity come back to your homeschooling family life as you are reminded of the healing power of rebirth, new growth, and fresh starts.