The IAHE board is pleased to announce a new development within the organization. For the past ten years IAHE activities, employment demands, and family responsibilities have kept our proverbial plate overflowing. Depending on an all volunteer force has often limited the ability of our organization to meet the demands of a growing homeschool community across our state. A few years ago, the IAHE board set a goal to retain a paid Executive Director in order to increase our ability to meet the growth of our organization.

The Board of Directors has offered the Executive Director position to Tara Bentley and she has graciously accepted. Many of you know Tara as the Managing Editor of The Informer magazine. Others know her personally, and have seen her passion for home education and specifically the IAHE.

We are excited to be afforded this very timely opportunity. The IAHE has committed the first year of funds for this effort, though it is more like part-time pay for a near full-time job. As a non-profit organization we continue to depend on the support from our donors.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers, as it is our hope that this step will lead to a stronger, more vibrant, and effective organization.

If you have questions, ideas, or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Steve Taylor
IAHE Board President

Tara Bentley bwTara Bentley is a veteran homeschool mom of two daughters. She and her husband Mark live in Dearborn County and have served in local homeschool support groups since 2002. They became IAHE Regional Representatives in 2011 and joined the Board of Directors in 2013. They have also served as the Managing Editor and Advertising Director for The Informer Magazine. Tara has worked as the founding Executive Director for Voices of Indiana, National Sales Liaison for Teaching Textbooks, and the Marketing and Social Media Manager for Home Educating Family Association. She has a Bachelor of Science in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.

“I am looking forward to serving Indiana families in this new role of Executive Director! I feel blessed with this opportunity, and I am grateful that God directed my path in a way to combine my non-profit management experience and my love for homeschool families for the benefit of the IAHE.”