Four years ago at a homeschool conference, I met a young couple, Garritt and Yvette Hampton, who told me that they were making a movie about their homeschool journey. To say that I was skeptical would be an understatement. 

As our paths continued to cross at different events across the country, I was blessed to get to know Garritt and Yvette better and learn more about their project Schoolhouse Rocked -The Homeschool Revolution. Last month I was able to watch a pre-release version of the movie. 

No longer a skeptic, I believe Schoolhouse Rocked is a film that is perfectly timed to showcase the benefits and beauty of home education.

This documentary will impact countless lives by…

  • Encouraging families who aren’t yet homeschooling to dive in!
  • Bringing much-needed encouragement and resources to current homeschool families so they will stay the course.
  • Breaking down the misconceptions and negative stereotypes that many people believe about homeschooling.

This week, the film is on its way to the post-production studio and its release is only months away. The movie will be available on DVD, but the opportunity for a nationwide, theatrical release through Fathom Events is at hand. With the financial support of donors, Schoolhouse Rocked can make its way to the big screen at a theatre near you! Imagine the impact of being able to take your friends and family out for a night of entertainment that includes seeing the very best of the homeschool community in a powerful way.

IAHE Premium Members: Behind the Scenes Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, August 25th at 2:00 for a special webinar with Schoolhouse Rocked Producer, Yvette Hampton. Details will be added to your IAHE Membership Perks page as they become available.


P.S. As a non-profit organization, the IAHE relies on the donations of our supporters. Rarely do we share the fundraising efforts of other organizations. Schoolhouse Rocked is a project that we firmly believe in, and we encourage you to consider supporting it with a donation… small or large. YOU can be a part of bringing this important project to theatres across the country in early November.