Several families who are new to home education have told IAHE that they are having difficulty obtaining their child’s records from the public school. We asked for guidance from Tj Schmidt, attorney from Home School Legal Defense Association.

He says, “The parent and school corporation are talking about two different things. If the parent wants a copy of their child’s records they are entitled to it under FERPA. They can both inspect and get a copy of their child’s school records. The school can charge a reasonable fee to copy the records and the parent might need to go to the office to get a copy or fill out a form to request specific records. You can also see the FAQ’s here.

Requesting Your Child’s Public School RecordsWhat the school corporation is talking about is a school records release or transfer. This is actually transferring the original records to the new school. Both state and federal law are pretty strict about a student’s academic record; therefore, the school corporation is very careful to whom they transfer records.

If a parent clarifies that she is just looking for a copy of some of her child’s academic records from last year, she should be able to get them by going to the right office (an appointment might be needed) or filling out a district form.”