Well Planned Day, Family Homeschool Planner, July 2019 – June 2020


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by the Well Planned Gal
July 2019 – June 2020
Homeschooling moms keep up with a lot. We prepare lessons, record grades, plan meals, track chores, process through projects, keep track of various appointments, jot down grocery needs…the list goes on and on! With a calendar here, a grocery list there, and a chore chart somewhere else, it can be hard to keep track of it all without something falling through the cracks.

The Well Planned Day family homeschool planner was created with that juggling act in mind! Designed to keep everything in one place, Well Planned Day allows homeschooling moms to see weekly lesson plans, appointments, and menu plans at a glance. Just flip a few pages to add to the running grocery list, then tear off the perforated tab when shopping time arrives. These features and many more help you manage life all in one place!

Homeschool Planning

  • Curriculum Plan & Budget Per Student
  • Daily Schedules for Student & Teacher
  • Monthly Articles for Homeschool Moms
  • Monthly Area: Goals and Objectives
  • Monthly Area: Books Students Read
  • Monthly Area: Field Trips & Activities
  • Five Core Subjects on Weekly Pages
  • Additional Elective Planning Space
  • Daily Checkboxes to Record Attendance
  • Checkboxes for Completion or Grades
  • 4 Tear-out Card Stock Report Cards
  • Teacher Tips from Well Planned Gal

Home Management

  • Weekly House Cleaning Schedule
  • Monthly Home Projects
  • Tear-Out Chore Charts
  • Read through the Bible in a Year Plan
  • Monthly Chore Assignments, Projects, and Decorating
  • Weekly To-Do & Dinner Schedule
  • Tear-Out Shopping Lists
  • Weekend Activities
  • Holiday Organization
  • Vacation Planning
  • Summer Bucket List


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