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History Is Not Boring! It is the story of real people who did real things. Teaching history must go beyond hard facts and dates to the real people who made it. People like George Washington, who crossed the ice-packed Delaware River to attack the British at Trenton; like the bold Americans who bravely fought against the Barbary pirates, about Andrew Jackson and the miraculous victory at the Battle of New Orleans. Each concise chapter is sure to delight students ten and up, as well as adults who want a snapshot view of American history.

Amy Puetz, a homeschool graduate and author, is a columnist for Home School Enrichment Magazine, and publishes and e-zine for ladies of all ages called “Heroines of the Past E-Zine”. To purchase a printed copy of this book, go to www.AmyPuetz.com.

Listen to a sample of Chapter 8 below:

Run Time: 4 hrs 19 mins

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