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Creating a vision for your children as a homeschool mom.

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In the past fifteen years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the homeschool community. There is much more pressure being put on homeschoolers to excel academically. We’ve gone from a few brave moms who, without access to mainstream “curriculum”, managed to give their children an excellent education—but we’ve forgotten what made it excellent. It was excellent because these moms had a vision for homeschooling—they weren’t trying to re-create school at home. They were simply being obedient to the One who had called them to be different. They knew that if He had called them, He would equip them. And they were right.

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Heidi St. John

1 review for Homeschooling Held Hostage – Audio Download

  1. Joann Burnside Hoyt

    Love Heidi St. John! Lots of humor wrapped around real life encouragement.

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