2018 IAHE Convention Workshop Audio Bundle


Over 50 workshops from the 2018 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention.


Experience the benefit of learning from our 2018 IAHE Convention workshops through MP3 audio downloads featuring:

  • Mike Smith
  • Rick Green
  • Debra Bell
  • Frederic Grey
  • Susan Dallam
  • Heather Haupt
  • Colleen Lewis
  • Jim Hodges
  • Dana Wilson
  • Will Estrada
  • Tom Clark
  • Shawn Howell
  • Tara Bentley
  • Kathy Balke
  • Lisa Yankey
  • Annie Nichols
  • Heidi Kreider
  • Rex Smith
  • Ron Broadfield
  • Ruth Tennis

Topics include:

  • Designing a College Prep High School Program
  • Raising an Independent Learner
  • Winning the Hearts of Your Children
  • Developing Lifelong Readers
  • Transcripts, Simple and Effective
  • Teaching the Gifted Child
  • Planning for Life After High School for the Student with Disabilities
  • Writers in Residence
  • IAHE Action’s Legislative Panel
  • Speech and Language, When and How to Seek Help
  • Help for Managing Your Day with ADHD, Autism, and SPD
  • Jesus Matters Most
  • Simple Scheduling to Make Room for Spontaneity
  • How Do We Measure Success in Homeschooling?
  • Remembering the Reason ~ Renewing the Vision
  • The Angry Child
  • How Henty Helps with History, Geography, Character, and Language
  • Strategies for Teaching Foreign Language
  • 10 Ways to Make the Most of the Preschool Years
  • Why Movement is the Magic Ingredient for Learning
  • Conquering Your Fear of Educational Gaps
  • Why Every Homeschool Daughter Needs Her Dad
  • How to Grow Both Sides of Your Child’s Brain
  • A Dad’s Duty
  • The Gideon Factor
  • Knights in Training, Raising Boys into Men
  • Nature Walks, Science Made Simple
  • Using Graphic Organizers to Promote Learning
  • Education by Design
  • Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages
  • Why We Homeschool-A Homeschooler’s Testimony
  • The Danger of U.N. Treaties
  • Non-Traditional Navigation Through High School
  • And MANY more!




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