IAHE Speakers

Tara Bentley

Tara Bentley

Executive Director

Tara is a veteran homeschool mom of two daughters. During 13 years of homeschooling, she and her husband Mark served in leadership for 12. Always juggling work, family, and multiple responsibilities, Tara loves encouraging moms who often feel like they just aren’t enough.

Homeschool Topics

The Goldilocks Test: Choosing a Curriculum That's Just Right
The best way to find out if something works is to try it. Yet, year after year many homeschoolers spend money on materials they know very little about. This workshop will present a method to help you locate and select the materials that will best fit you and your childrens needs.
Co-ops: Considering the Cost
Co-ops are very popular with today’s homeschool families. Co-ops range from small, parent-driven gatherings to cottage industries and mini-schools. What are the pros and cons of co-operative learning? What are the different options? What are the benefits for students and parents? And what does participation cost us?
Successful Transitions
Beginning their homeschool journey with their daughter’s 7th grade year, Tara understands the unique challenges that come from transferring a student out the public school system. The older the child, the more it feels like jumping into the deep end of the pool. We’ll share some common mistakes, the challenges of the middle years, and tips and tricks for getting a strong start.
13 Lessons From the End of the Road
After graduating their youngest daughter from high school, veteran homeschool mom Tara shares a mix of regrets and tips for new moms. We are not created to look alike or school our children in identical ways. But, we can still come together in moments of fellowship, celebrate our differences, and learn from each other along the way.
Homeschool 101
Are you a new homeschooler? Are you wondering where to begin? Is homeschooling just about education? Join us for a crash course covering information that you’ll need for the wonderful journey ahead!

Leadership Topics

Volunteering to lead a homeschool group involves sacrifice…and lots of it! We’ll play a fun, interactive game and talk about a variety of ways we, as leaders, pay a high price to encourage others in the homeschool journey. But don’t lose heart! With great sacrifice comes great reward. You’ll be refreshed in knowing that the price you pay to serve is a worthwhile investment reaping eternal rewards.
Homeschooling your own kids and serving in support group leadership can be a recipe for unhealthy habits—neglecting your own well-being, putting the needs of the group over your husband and kids’ needs, or struggling to keep your own house in order. We’ll explore ways to tackle all of this successfully through healthy leadership habits. You can shed the weight of unhealthy habits that bog you down and thrive while serving others.
Leadership involves communicating and helping a wide variety of people to connect. Does your communication style help you to win, lose, or draw? In this session, Tara and Nancy will share ideas to help you be effective using the tools you have at your disposal to communicate well with your group members, volunteers, and leadership team. We’ll cover social media, email, newsletters, website, and in-person networking to build strong relationships.
Stacy Hanaway

Stacy Hanaway

Stacy is from the Northeast corner of Indiana. She and her husband Jason live on a small farm and have two boys. Stacy has taught in an Amish Parochial School, public school, and now homeschool, which is, by far, her favorite. She feels truly blessed to have been given these opportunities to share her love of God, family, and education.

Creating an Educational Home
Children learn best when education is made a part of their everyday life. What are some practical ways to make your home a place where learning occurs naturally? What type of games, puzzles, toys, shows, conversations, chores, and everyday activities will encourage a love of learning from birth till forever? Together we will explore how to make your home not just a place where you live but where education happens naturally.


Homeschool 101
Are you considering homeschool but know nothing about it? Are you a new homeschooling family and not sure where to begin? Come explore what all homeschooling can offer your family as well as some practical tips on where and how to start your homeschool journey!
Game On
Do you like to play card or board games? Does your family have a game night? Did you know many popular games are an excellent way to teach and execute many educational concepts? Children learn best when they are allowed to make natural connections, one great way to encourage these connections to happen is through games. We will explore games and what concepts can be enhanced through your families game time. It’s your turn!
I homeschool, do records really matter?
Why do we want to keep records in our homeschool? What should I keep? Does it matter? YES! Keeping track of a student’s progress isn’t just a “brick and mortar” concept. As home educators, we have a responsibility to God, our children, fellow homeschool families, and our state. While eternal obligations come first,  educational obligations are equally as important to homeschool success. With great freedoms comes great responsibilities, be sure to keep your side of the equation.


Road Trip!
Get packing and lets go! Who said education had to be done in your house? One of the neatest ways to make school come to life is to go see what you have been learning about in your homeschool. Traveling doesn’t mean school ends, you can still have quality homeschooling while on the go, just takes a little creativity. You don’t have to “break the bank” either, load up the car and explore the possibilities!


Homeschooling 365, 24/7
One of our goals as parents and educators is to create a love of learning in our children. Just because the books are closed doesn’t mean brains turn off and learning needs to stop. Homeschooling 365 doesn’t mean that you are “doing  school work” 365 days but rather that your children develop their God given inquisitive nature and want to learn about and through everyday life experiences. Help your children create a love of learning that will last a lifetime.