Why do you homeschool?  We’ve probably all heard the question, and maybe you’ve even asked it yourself.  Maybe you are the one asking as you wonder if homeschooling is right for your family.  We’re sharing why we homeschool.

Many Reasons

There are many reasons, from religious to academic needs to travel needs to special needs or all of the above.  One family’s reason, may not be (and most often isn’t) another family’s.  The reasons may change from year to year, but they are all valid.  This time of year, we can question if we should continue, or if things need to change.  Maybe it is time to re-evaluate curricula or to re-visit the reasons why your family homeschools.  Maybe you are thinking of bringing your children home from school, to keep them home and homeschool.

Introducing the Social Media Team

2016 Convention BloggerWe’d like to introduce you to our Social Media Team, bloggers who homeschool and are passionate about it.  They are sharing why they homeschool.

Shalynne of Wonderfully Chaotic

Jeniffer of Thou Shall Not Whine

Annette of In All You Do

Connie of The Daisyhead

Tawnee of Adventures in Homeschooling

Hillary of Walking Fruitfully