Since February, the IAHE team has been working with leaders from other state homeschool organizations to watch and respond to the currently postponed Harvard Summit on Homeschooling. You can read more about the event and our earlier response here. Many people have published detailed rebuttals over the past couple of months, from individuals inside the homeschool community and well beyond. While the event has been pushed back due to Covid-19 restrictions, we know that the battle is far from over. Recently, one of the event organizers Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet expanded on her proposal to impose strict regulations on home education by mandating that parents would have to “demonstrate that they have a legitimate reason to homeschool,” as well as that they are “qualified to provide an adequate education” and that such an education would be “comparable in scope” to that of public schools.

In May, our own Senior Policy Analyst Alison Slatter participated in a 5-part series of interviews with Homeschool Idaho about the issues behind the Harvard event. You can watch all five videos below.


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Day 1 

  • Is this a grassroots movement or is it Astroturfing?
  • Who is behind the Harvard article?

Day 2

  • How are people outside the homeschool community viewing the Harvard article?

Day 3

  • Is this about more than homeschooling?

Day 4

  • Show me the evidence! What does the data say about the allegations made in the Harvard Article?

Day 5

  • How can homeschool families get involved in defending our homeschool freedoms?