Why is IAHE Concerned about Common Core Standards?

Rotten 2 the Common Core

The foundation of home education has been and always should be parent directed education free from government regulation, interference, and oversight. The IAHE is concerned about the attempt to nationalize education through the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its potential impact on homeschoolers. State homeschool organizations have been fighting similar top down approach for decades.

  • We are troubled by the quality and content of the standards.  Traditional curriculum publishers and homeschool curriculum companies alike are revising their products to conform to the new standards. There is concern that college entrance tests may be rewritten to conform to the CCSSI. In order to do well on these tests, home educators will be forced to conform to the standards.
  • We are concerned that CC tests do not test for knowledge, but performance. Students will be tested on their reasoning according to CC standards. This one-size-fits-all approach will not allow for variations in learning styles.
  • We are concerned that the CCSSI contains the formation of the Statewide Longitudinal Database (SLDS) that tracks students from the pre-natal period through the workforce (P20W).  Although home educators are not included at this time, this tracking system was found in a bill in the 2013 legislative session.  This is an issue that violates student and family privacy rights. We have observed a reference to desiring to include home educators’ information in the database.  The SLDS is the foundation for creating a planned society.
  • We are concerned by the way in which the Standards were foisted upon Indiana.  There are disturbing issues regarding the legality of the federal promotion of the standards and assessments including the usurpation of state autonomy.
  • We are concerned that the governance of the standards and the fiscal cost to the states are a sign of increased legislation and control on independent citizens.

“It’s now been five years since Common Core was adopted. And the truth is that it’s simply not working.”
Chris Christie, May 2015

We encourage you to check out the links below and draw your own conclusions

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The opt-out of Common Core bill in Indiana is SB193.  (2013)   It has passed the Senate with an amendment to reevaluate Common Core.   It has been bottle-necked in the House Education Committee.  The language has been attached to HB1427.  As of April 15, it is being debated behind closed doors in the Caucus to hopefully receive a vote before the full House.

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