Which founding father wrote most of the Declaration of Independence? What is the Bill of Rights? Why do we have an Electoral College?

Can ​you​ answer these questions? Can anyone around you? It will not take you long to discover that many Americans do not have a good understanding of the people who founded our nation, the documents that form the basis for our freedom, or the processes and laws that guide our country.

Don’t let that discourage you though! It’s never too late to become a well-informed citizen!

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Jefferson understood that if “We the People” do not pass on our history and principles of freedom to future generations, then our liberty is at risk. We have been given a great privilege: FREEDOM! Along with that freedom comes responsibility. Now is the time to study America’s principles of freedom with your children.

Your Guide to U.S. Civics​ will walk you through ten units of learning about the people and documents that formed the foundation of our country, the different parts of our government, how laws are made, how elections work, our patriotic symbols, and much more. This guide is full of online links to videos and articles, as well as book, movie, and game suggestions.


How to use this guide:
● Download it and keep it handy.
● Complete one unit every week or two and finish in one semester, or spread the units out over one year.
● Preview and choose which resources from each unit to use for your family.
● Read and watch the material as a family and discuss, or use the material as a resource for you and discuss certain content with your children.

Studying U.S. Civics is exciting and inspiring! Take your family on the adventure!

(All links in the ​Your Guide to U.S. Civics​ were compiled in 2020.)