The IAHE Board would like to thank Dave & Becky Bowyer for the serving as our Region 6 Representatives.  They did a great job and will be missed.  

We are pleased to announce we have new Region 6 Representatives, Jason & Kimberly Bean.

                         Jason and Kimberly Bean and Family

Jason and Kimberly Bean have been married for fourteen years and have two children; Ethan, 14 and Abigail 11.  In 2009, they both felt God’s call on their lives to remove their children from the public school system when they attended the IAHE homeschool convention. They have both been educating their children for four years.

Jason specializes in all things computers, and has made a living in the Information Technology field for the last 10 years. He has also developed the new IAHE website.  Jason volunteers at their church in the lighting and tech ministry as well as the occasional drama when it presents itself. In his spare time… he says he’ll let you know when he finds some.  

Kimberly is a stay-at-home mom and is actively involved in a variety of areas at their church, including Student Ministries, vocalist in their worship ministry at church. Kim also mentors young moms and college girls. In her spare time she enjoys healthy cooking for her family and pursuing a healthier living with the use of essential oils.

“We are very excited about becoming more involved with the IAHE and supporting their efforts to support and fight for homeschooling families in Indiana. We know Region 6 is an active and large community, so we can’t wait to jump in and get to know everyone and continue to provide assistance and guidance for families in our area.”


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