The Indiana Civil Rights Commission had involved itself in a Catholic homeschool group that was located in Fishers, Indiana, called Fishers Adolescent Catholic Enrichment Society (FACES).  The case involved a squabble over a chicken dinner.  You may read about the case on the Thomas More Society website.

Here is the link to oral arguments.  Listen specifically to the argument involving the small size of the group in which the ICRC may involve itself.  This could be a small homeschool group or other faith-based group.

It is disturbing that the ICRC could insert itself into any small group in Indiana that is “related to education”.  Support SB 101 to help to curb government power in regards to faith-based groups across Indiana.

IAHE believes it will help the individual faith-based homeschooler as well.  If the government would decide to ban home education, it gives those who homeschool based on religious reasons greater standing.  This will strengthen the homeschool movement in Indiana.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), SB 101, will help strengthen homeschool rights in Indiana which is good for the entire movement.  Homeschool freedom rests on two pillars:  parental rights and religious liberty.

Indiana home educators, if you’d like to ask questions about this case or discuss it further, please join us on the IAHE Facebook discussion group.

There will be a Statehouse Rally about this bill on Monday, March 16, at 9 a.m. in the North Atrium (second floor).  Wear GREEN.

SB 101

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