IAHE is trying to make it as easy as possible for you to come to the Statehouse for Home School Day at the State Capitol. The most reasonably priced parking is in the Circle Centre Mall Parking Garage that has entrances on Washington and Maryland Streets. Park in the Sun garage near the northwest corner, so you will be near the most convenient elevator. It is the one closest to the Artgarden.  (The Artsgarden is the large glass half circle that serves as a skywalk across Washington Street near Illinois Street.) These directions will allow you to use a tunnel to reach the Statehouse to limit the amount of time you are outside. Once you arrive in the basement of the Statehouse, you must exit the building and turn left to enter the doors through security just around the corner of the building. When you leave, you do not have to exit the building to get back to the garage.

Take the elevator closest to the Artsgarden to M2. (It’s right by Cinnabon.)

Exit the elevator and turn right.

Turn left and walk through the ArtsGarden.

Take escalator down.

You should be at Panera.

Take 11 steps down.

Go down second escalator.

You should now be on a marble tile floor which you follow down a ramp and it eventually becomes white tile with green stripes.

Just past snack bar, turn right at INPRS.

Turn right on the brick walkway.

Turn left. (See sign State Capitol Tunnel Entrance) and follow carpeted tunnel walkway.

There will be double doors to the right that have a sign, “Do Not Enter” and to left and UP the stairs is the door to exit outside. If you go straight it will take you to the State Office Building.  Exit the building up the steps facing Washington St.

Walk around the corner of the building to the left and re-enter through security at the Capitol Ave entrance.  The security is similar to airport security in that you have to empty your pockets and take off your coat, etc.

All weapons, including pocket knives, will be confiscated, so leave them at home!

Go to the rotunda and turn right (or North) to find the IAHE table in the North Atrium in front of the Department of Education offices.



IAHE H S Day at the Capitol


To go home, you do not have to exit the building to leave the Capitol to return to the mall parking lot.  Take the elevator to Level 1. Turn right. Turn left at Room 141. Turn Left at 157. Turn Right just past 159A.


Go through solid double security doors. Turn LEFT. Follow tunnel. Turn RIGHT (you should have left carpeted tunnel and are now on brick walkway.

Turn LEFT at INPRS (at snack bar).

Floor becomes white tile with green stripes.

Next floor has marble tile look.

Go up the escalator. Turn RIGHT and walk up 11 steps and you’ll be at Panera. Take next escalator up. Turn left and go through the ArtsGarden to Circle Centre Mall. Turn right for the elevator.

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