The beginning of school is either here for you or right around the corner, and it is exciting. It can also be hectic, scary, and a bit overwhelming. With a little bit of patience and a little bit of planning, you can keep the craziness under control and make it a fun and exciting milestone in your life. Here are some things to think about to make the transition from summer days to school days a little easier.

Set a Start Date

When do you want to begin your school year? Check your calendar, and set a start date or a start week. Having this goal in mind might make it easier for you to have everything ready by that time. 

No matter what, beginning school after a break is a transition (sometimes a hard one), but knowing when you will be making that transition will help prepare you and your children. Start a countdown, and get everyone else excited. Positive attitudes can make everything smoother.

Get Organized

You have a start date. Now what? It is time to get organized. If you are using a curriculum, make sure you have it ready along with other teaching materials you plan to use. 

Where will you be doing the majority of your schoolwork? An actual schoolroom or area in your home is not a necessity, but I find it helpful to have a place to store school materials. If that is something that sounds good, find out where you might do this. 

If you need more supplies, take your children with you to get some. Get excited about it, and spend some quality time together getting your school supplies and area ready.

If you have a daily schedule or routine, now would be a good time to plan that out. Co-op days? Science labs? Music lessons? Extracurricular activities? Put them on the schedule.

Even though it is important to be organized, you don’t have to have an overwhelming schedule. In fact, some don’t want to schedule too much. Everyone is different. Be realistic with your schedule, and try to only take on what everyone can handle.

Talk About It

It is hard to remember sometimes, but you are not alone in this. Talk about your feelings towards this school year. Talk with your spouse, other homeschool families, or some other support system you might have. 

Not only should you have a support system, but you also have your children to talk to. Discussing with them your expectations for the school year will help prevent surprises for both parties. Will there be a schedule you plan for them to follow? WIll they need to change their sleep schedules? What type of routine changes do they have to look forward to? Communication builds trust.

Start at Your Pace

As already mentioned, transitioning from a break to beginning school can be a hard transition. It is fine to start this new venture at your own pace. If you want to go all in at the very beginning, go for it. However, if you don’t, that is fine, too. You are in control of your schedule and what you do. 

If starting slow works better for your family, consider adding in one or two subjects to start. Then gradually add in more. Sometimes starting with half days or three-to-four-day weeks is better for everyone. What are you ready for? What is your family ready for? Remember, you know what is best.

Do you need some more advice and encouragement? Check out our Workshop Bundles and hear from expert homeschoolers who have been in your shoes and have successfully traveled the path you are on.

Starting school out on the right foot can be challenging at times, but it is important to go into it with a positive attitude. Let that attitude shine and guide you and your family as you dive into another great year.