Sarah Janisse Brown

2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference Featured Speaker

Sarah Janisse Brown

Sarah Janisse Brown

Thinking Tree Books

Sarah Janisse Brown is a homeschooling mom of 15 children ages 7 to 23! Over the years Sarah has developed a method of homeschooling called Fun-Schooling. Sarah and her husband Joshua founded The Thinking Tree Publishing Company and created Dyslexia Games Therapy to help struggling readers to overcome reading confusion.



Building Community

You have vision for building community, but don’t know how to start. God planted a seed, you see the need, and now feel led to bring other homeschooling families together. Sarah will be sharing ideas and steps that have worked for her Fun-Schooling Co-op that grew from 10 families to over 300 in 2022 while talking about practical ways to use the time, energy, resources, connections and ideas that we have to support each other!

The Five Languages of Learning

You have heard of the Five Love Languages. Let me introduce the Five Learning Languages: The Explorers, Friend Learners, Followers, Detectives, and Creators! Come explore the different languages of learning with Sarah and better understand your children’s styles. Once you understand your child’s learning style you will know how to best motivate them to learn!

Funschooling: Lifestyle & Approach

Fun‐Schooling is about doing meaningful projects, real work, fascinating research, library based learning, and building life skills through delight directed learning! Learn how Sarah used the passions and interests of each of her 15 children to customize their curriculum, preparing them for their future. She has developed a fun, simple method that allows parents to cover every required subject in a meaningful way. Fun‐Schooling takes the stress out of homeschooling, while moms learn to lead by example.