Rick Green

2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference Featured Speaker

Rick Green

Rick Green

The Patriot Academy

Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, and radio host. He & his family travel the nation bringing America’s forgotten history and heroes to life in fun and entertaining ways, with an emphasis on our moral and constitutional heritage. Rick co-hosts the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live!, with David Barton.



Be of Good Cheer…Liberty is Making a Comeback!

You are not alone. The Principles of Liberty still work when we work them. And YOU have a role to play in a proven plan for restoring freedom. Let’s be honest…America took a major turn towards government control of the people in the past couple of years. But precisely because of all the government overreach, we now have before us a once in a century opportunity to convert an entire generation into liberty lovers raising patriotic families. If you want to see a revival of freedom in America, then you do not want to miss this presentation by Rick Green as he lays out a path forward for restoring Biblical Values and Constitutional Principles In Our Communities.

Teaching Civics in a Fun & Purposeful Way (yes, you can do both!) 

Government, history, economics…these topics usually put students AND parents to sleep, yet they are some of the most important things we’ll teach if we expect the next generation to be good citizens and preserve the republic. In this presentation, Rick shares tips and methods for bringing history and civics to life, keeping it fun, engaging the students, seeking truth, and making the lessons count for generations to come.