Kristen Bissontz

2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference Featured Speaker

Kristen Bissontz

Kristen Bissontz

Kristen Bissontz serves as the IAHE Rep in Region 3. She and Jay raise their four children on their hobby farm in Spencerville. A life long learner, Kristen is pursuing a Masters in Classical Studies. She is a Challenge Director with Classical Conversations, a Biblical counselor, world traveler, and lover of Jesus.


Not Everyone Learns the Same Way

Every homeschool has its own unique qualities, methods, and ambience. Do you know your educational style? Do you like textbooks and worksheets or is the forest your classroom? This workshop will describe several philosophies of education from traditional, to Charlotte Mason, to Montessori, Classical, and more.

Test or Assess? A Conversation About How to Evaluate Your Student

How do you know when your student has reached the teleios, end, or completion of their work? Are standardized tests, quizzes, multiple choice exams, or midterms the best reflection of what your student has learned? Join the conversation and consider the art of assessment instead.

Homeschooling: A Recent Return to a Well-Worn Road

Parent-led education has been the standard since antiquity. The modern education system is quite new, by comparison. Where did this push for industrialized institutions come from? Why has the homeschooling movement become an answer to compulsory laws? What can we do to continue to enjoy the freedoms and be equipped for this calling?

Be Engaged: The Benefits of Civic Involvement

“We’re not political.” This is a common sentiment from homeschool families. Yet, we are called to engage in the world around us and impact it for Christ and eternity. We can do this by understanding how we are governed, recognizing appropriate authority in our spheres of influence, and loving our neighbors well by advocating for them in the governmental process.