Amanda Owens

2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference Featured Speaker

Amanda Owens

Amanda Owens

Illuminate Communicate

Amanda Owens, MA, CCC-SLP is a homeschool grad, mom of 4, and speech language pathologist. Through her private practice Illuminate Communicate, she equips parents across Indiana to do speech therapy at home so their children can talk clearly and confidently.


Speech Therapy at Home: When to call the SLP (and when to DIY)

If you are wondering if your child really needs speech therapy or if you can wait for them to grow in their own time, this workshop is for you. Learn signs of when to DIY and when you may need a professional’s experience to supplement or guide your home practice. Speech language pathologists can help with talking, listening, reading, and more. Weigh pros and cons for the options available in Indiana to find your fit.

Speech Therapy at Home Handout – Owens

IEPs vs ISPs- When Your Special Learner Participates in Special Education

Are Public Schools legally required to provide services to your child? What is the difference between an IEP and an ISP and why is it important? How do you navigate the IEP and ISP process? Who can you talk to when you don’t feel your rights are being respected? What are pros and cons to services through your LEA? These are questions a homeschool graduate and public speech language pathologist will address in this workshop.

IEP vs ISP Handout – Owens

Parents Are The Secret Sauce to Speech Therapy Success

Want to know what your role is in your child’s speech therapy? Ever get stuck in a waiting room or behind glass? You might be surprised to see research suggesting parent participation in the speech therapy process isn’t a good thing, it’s a pivotal, progress improving thing! This workshop talks through why parents are the secret sauce to speech therapy success and how to be that key player no matter where you do speech therapy.

Parents are the Secret Sauce Handout- Owens