Aimee Eucce

2023 IAHE Parenting and Homeschool Conference Featured Speaker

Aimee Eucce

Aimee Eucce

Play 'n Talk Phonics, Spelling & Typing

Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. Aimee Eucce is a second-generation homeschooler who relaunched Play ‘n Talk, a 60+-year-old Phonics Company, in the middle of Covid. At 5, Aimee was told she would never read past a 6th-grade level due to severe dyslexia. However, after finishing the Play ‘n Talk Phonics and Spelling program she was reading at a college level and spelling at a 6th-grade level.



Why teaching boys to read is different than teaching girls!

We will dive into practical tips for teaching boys ages 3-10 how to read. Discover why many of the common strategies don’t actually work when teaching boys to read. We will also review why teaching boys phonetically using a “hands-on” approach will keep your active boys engaged and excited to learn. Plus you will receive a list of our favorite enrichment activities designed to keep your busy boy(s) interested and curious! (The supplies for these activities can easily be found at Walmart, Target, the 99 cents store or Amazon.

Why learning to type can help struggling readers and spellers.

We will dive into the science behind typing and how it can actually help struggling readers and spellers. Discover the reason why it works, and what else you can do to turn your child’s reading and spelling around in less than one month. You will leave this session with actionable steps to help your child now.

Neuro-diverse kids and learning to read and spell – 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts, Strategies from the trenches!

You will learn 5 simple strategies that will help you teach your neuro-diverse kids to read and spell right now. Discover how to turn your child’s challenges into a superpower. You CAN shift their trajectory so they can achieve all they were created to be in this world. We will also chat about 5 things you should never do when it comes to teaching neuro-diverse kiddos.

Re-igniting your struggling reader! Using Phonics to transform kids into avid readers.

No matter what your child’s struggle, it is possible to take a struggling reader and help them become an avid reader! First, we will review the top reading struggles, then we will show you how to help your child overcome these struggles using phonics. It does not matter your child’s age, it’s never too late to re-learn to read. We’ve seen thousands of children successfully use phonics as a remediation tool.