Stacy Hanaway

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Stacy Hanaway

Stacy Hanaway


Stacy lives on a small hobby farm in Northeast Indiana with her husband Jason and two sons. They have been homeschooling since 2009. Having taught in both public and private schools, homeschooling has proven to be her favorite form of education. Stacy has been volunteering with the IAHE since 2013.

Homeschool 101 
Are you a new homeschooler? Are you wondering where to begin? Is homeschooling just about education? Join us for a crash course covering information that you’ll need for the wonderful journey ahead!

Homeschooling 365, 24/7 

One of our goals as parents and educators is to create a love of learning in our children. Just because the books are closed doesn’t mean brains turn off and learning needs to stop. Homeschooling 365 doesn’t mean that you are “doing school work” 365 days but rather that your children develop their God-given inquisitive nature and want to learn about and through everyday life experiences. Help your children create a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Middle School the Middle Child of Education

Many times the middle schools years are the most dreaded years of education. Gone are the fun-filled play days of elementary and the scary high school years are right around the corner, but what about these middle years? What do I do with my student now? How do I keep them interested? Learn how to make these middle years an exciting time in a child’s education for both student and parent.