Sam Sorbo

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Sam Sorbo

Sam Sorbo

Author, Actress

Sam Sorbo is a homeschooling advocate, radio talk show host, actress, and the author of They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate. Sam and her husband, Kevin, are co-producers of Let There Be Light, an emotional story of an atheist who finds his purpose after a near-death experience.


Empowering Parents to Home Educate (Keynote) 

Sam Sorbo, author of They’re YOUR Kids and Teach from Love, takes you on a journey of survival—in your own home. How can you thrive as an educator when the system insists you’ll fail? Have fun learning about how to avoid the disastrous “home-made” pitfalls and traps, and to get the best out of the great gift of teaching and parenting your offspring, as Sam offers up her personal recipes to help you embark on the greatest love story ever written—that between parent and child.

Teach from Love – 

How do you “train up a child in the way he should go” (Prov. 22:6)? Hear stories from a veteran of home education, Sam Sorbo, and get inspired and empowered in your schooling endeavors! Sam Sorbo, author of the school year devotional Teach from Love, shares her secrets for imparting godly characteristics into our young ones, and how discipline and encouragement work hand in hand to raise good Christians. Whose autograph do you want on your child’s heart? Sam will share her ideas for the best way to get that done!

Tips and Tricks to Make Home Education Fun!

And we don’t mean just for the kids—we mean fun for everyone! Join Sam Sorbo, author of They’re YOUR Kids and Teach from Love, as she explores creative ways to engage your children without boring yourself—and even address the push back from reluctant kids who may not want Mom or Dad to be the teacher. Sam’s mission is to encourage you in enjoying this most precious time you will have with your children. Home education is about family. Learn some tips for how to not lose sight of that God-breathed message.