Rebecca Barnes

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Rebecca Barnes

Rebecca Barnes


Rebecca Barnes is wife to Steve. She has had the blessing and privilege to homeschool all four of their daughters from the beginning. Their oldest daughter, born with Spina Bifida, was a struggling learner. Through God’s grace, they navigated the medical world and home education graduating three of the four children.

Don’t Forget About Me!

Teaching a special learner or a child with lots of medical problems can be quite a challenge. Do you feel like everything in your life revolves around that one child? Do you feel guilty because your other children don’t get the same attention? Come learn about my personal struggle with this and find some creative solutions to help give you love and teach ALL your children.

Giving up or Giving in

What is the difference between “giving up” and “giving in”? The difference can make ALL the difference in accepting your special learner’s uniqueness while keeping your sanity. If you’ve ever struggled with trying to teach a child that learns differently or wanted to quit because it’s just too hard, then this workshop is for you.