Peter Heck

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Peter Heck

Peter Heck

Author, Speaker, Teacher

Peter Heck is an author, speaker, and high school teacher from Kokomo, IN.  He is married to Jenny and is the father of 3 young children: Addie, Bristol, and Grayson.  Most importantly, he is an unashamed follower and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In a Strange Land (Keynote)

Living in a culture abandoning Godly morality and hating the Truth may be unfamiliar to American Christians, but it is the familiar story of God’s people through the ages.  It’s time for American Christians to remember and embrace that their homeland and citizenship are in another time and place.

Not Of, But In   

Jesus repeated often that He and His disciples were “not of this world.”  But He greatly emphasized that He was intentionally sending these aliens into the world.  True believers must recognize that Christ has deliberately thrust them into a foreign land to carry out a great mission.  Our presence here is not accidental.  It’s strategic.

Urgent and Unyielding

If there is a way that seems right unto a man, but that way leads him to death, Christians have no choice but to be pressing and resolute.  That is the example of God’s champions throughout Scripture.  The church was never designed to be culturally relevant.  In fact, its purpose is to be precisely the opposite – counter cultural in every way.

Strategic Strangers

If we abandon argument, we have lost our ability to refine and transmit God’s truth to a lost world.  As Ambassadors of Truth, we are by our very nature confrontational.  But there are proven tactics in effective confrontation that Christians must know before warring against those “proud notions that set themselves up against the knowledge of God.”