Melissa Grider

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Melissa Grider

Melissa Grider

University of Indianapolis

Melissa Grider spent 12 years as an academic advisor at IUPUI before spending 14 years homeschooling her kids. She has now worked at the University of Indianapolis for over a year processing thousands of transcripts for incoming freshmen, and college transfers. She is excited to share her expertise!

High School Transcripts 101

Homeschoolers must create a high school transcript that includes all of the relevant information to prove that your children successfully completed high school. What information should or should not be included? Do I list courses by semester or by year? How do I calculate a GPA? How do I handle honors or college courses? This seminar will give you the tools to confidently create a high school transcript. 

To Dual Credit or Not to Dual Credit

High School students are increasingly taking college courses while still in high school. Should my children take courses? How do I determine if they are ready for college courses? What options are available? Should they take online courses or on-campus courses? Where do the classes belong on a transcript? How do I calculate them into my child’s GPA? This session will answer these questions and more!