Lisa Yankey

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Lisa Yankey

Lisa Yankey

Author, Lawyer

A homeschooling mom, immigration lawyer, and writer, Lisa Yankey has been educating energetically since 2000. She is the author of The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language.  You can find her at www.highenergyhomeschool.com.

End Game: Exploring Career Goals 

Is your child still wondering what to do after school? College and career mistakes cost time and money. Get tools to prepare your child for a smoother transition to career or college after high school.


Options: Choosing Your Curriculum

Are you worried about making a mistake in choosing curriculum? Take the steps to choose a curriculum you’ll be happy with. Learn how to choose a curriculum that doesn’t just work, but works for you.

Purpose: Find Your Child’s Special Gift

Everyone has a unique set of abilities, different from all other people on Earth. The homeschool setting is an ideal place for encouraging these abilities to flourish and grow. Learn how to help your children discover their special talents and gifts.

Pacing: How to Stay on Schedule with Your Curriculum

Get tips and tricks for staying on schedule with your curriculum: How to plan a year for increased flexibility, how to catch up when you get behind, what to do about sick days, and how to gently alter a curriculum schedule to fit your needs. Also includes simple alterations you can make when you’re combining children of different abilities or just have a child who is speeding ahead.

Daily Plans: Setting Your Homeschool Schedule

Do you know how long a typical homeschool day takes? Are you wondering how to balance feeding your family with healthy food, maintain a tidy house, get your kids the places they need to go, keep your kids involved in their extra-curricular activities, and maybe even work, too? Let’s analyze your schedule and find your comfort spot instead of your overworked-and-doing-too-much spot.   Bring your daily goals and schedule and work through them here.