David & Shirley Quine

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

David & Shirley Quine

David & Shirley Quine

Cornerstone Curriculum

God has been faithful to David and Shirley for 46 years of married life. He has given them a passion and ministry. Their passion is to equip the next generation to “stand firm” in Christ. Together they created Cornerstone Curriculum, a homeschool curriculum assisting parents in the discipleship of their children.

Making the Invisible Visible – The Mystery of Science

Is it possible to see that which is invisible? God says so. The real mystery of science is that when properly taught and understood God’s eternal power and divine nature are clearly perceived (Romans 1:20). You can explore science in such a way as to inspire wonder, beauty, and truth in the hearts and minds of your children.

“Math” According to Abbott and Costello

We can learn from the mistakes of Abbott and Costello! We learn that math is so much more than following a prescribed set of steps! We must be developing “Math Thinkers” not just “Math Doers.” David and Shirley will share a three-point lesson plan strategy which gives meaning to math instruction. 

Setting Our Compass

We only have 18 precious years to inspire our children. This is the time God has given us to invest in their lives. Instead of wandering aimlessly, let’s set our compass to Confidence, Courage, Convictions, and Commitment — the four points of our homeschool compass. David and Shirley will share from their 40 years of experience in educating their nine children.

The Sweet Spot of Joyful Learning

Baseball players often talk about the “sweet spot” of the bat. Find it, and you can make the ball go exactly where you want it to go, almost effortlessly. Did you know there is a sweet spot to teaching and learning, too? It is teaching which produces the least resistance to learning which in turn produces maximum understanding.  And, just like in sports, it takes a little experimentation to find it, but is a thing of beauty when you get it right. Have you found your child’s “sweet spot” of joyful learning?