Cindy West

2019 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention Featured Speaker

Cindy West

Cindy West

Blogger, Author, Speaker

Cindy West is passionate about homeschooling joyfully and loves to share practical, creative strategies to tackle things that so often steal joy in day-to-day homeschooling. She shares many of those strategies on her blog, Our Journey Westward, and in books or curricula such as Homeschooling Gifted Kids and the popular NaturExplorers series.

Using Living Literature to Transform Your Homeschool

Adding superb literature selections to your homeschool makes for rich and engaging lessons that pack more academic punch than you might imagine.  During this workshop you will learn how to successfully use living literature alongside and/or in place of your current curriculum.  Leave with a wealth of practical ideas for integrating literature into every single subject, as well as resource lists for the best books to be found for all ages and stages.

How to Use Nature Study in Middle and High School

Nature study isn’t just for younger students!  Quite the contrary, in fact.  In the middle and high school years, students are ready to really dive deep into nature topics as they begin to understand interconnections and processes.  During these nature study “science labs” older students will be able use their knowledge of higher level physical science, biology and chemistry right in the field!  These years are also perfect for presenting nature-based research projects that encompass all kinds of subjects.  Gain many practical examples of how to incorporate in-depth nature study during this workshop.

Building Wonderful Foundations with Gentle Math for Early Learners

Preschool children do not need formal math lessons. However, there are many gentle ways to introduce little ones to mathematical ideas and thinking – and have lots of fun, too. Don’t be surprised at how many math concepts will have been mastered already when your preschoolers get older and move into formal lessons. 

Purposeful & Meaningful Ways to Add Hands-On Learning to Your Homeschool

Some children tend to learn more deeply when actively engaged in their lessons.  This workshop explores the many, many purposeful and meaningful ways to make learning hands-on.  Special attention is given to some typical hands-on schooling concerns, too.  How much hands-on is too much?  Is hands-on learning real learning?  How do I document hands-on learning?  How do I test knowledge gained during hands-on lessons?  How much time does hands-on planning really take?

Practical Strategies for Organizing Unorganized Learners

Oh, you have an unorganized learner, too?  Whether your child has a hard time keeping up with school supplies, can’t keep up with assignments, forgets things he’s been told to do, has a hard time completing thorough school work, can’t organize thoughts in writing, or all of the above – this workshop is for you!  I’ll share several tried and true tips for organizing everything from daily school supplies to completed work – for all ages.