Why Home Educate

Teaching children at home is now a popular choice for parents seeking to provide the best possible education for their children.  At home, children can have a safe environment in which to learn – free from drugs, violence, and negative pressures that would seek to undermine strong family values.  Parents who know their children well are better able to provide individualized curriculum, strong in the basic academic subjects, designed to fit each child’s needs, abilities, and interests.  In the home, students are at liberty to progress at their own speed, not in accordance with what a classroom full of children are doing.  Home-educated children are privileged to have the opportunity to receive a quality education that will enable them to develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

Home education is a serious commitment for any family. Knowing why you have chosen home education for your children is important because: it will guide you in the proper selection of educational materials; it will prepare you with a solid answer when someone questions your decision to home educate; it will enable your children to see and appreciate the commitment you have made in the decision to home educate; and it will provide you with the determination and motivation to keep going when you have doubts or experience difficulties.
Therefore it would be wise to develop an “educational philosophy” in which you define your reasons for choosing home education.
In developing this philosophy, you may want to consider the following questions:
  • What do I believe about my relationship with God?
  • Who is responsible for the training (education) of my children?
  • What is my definition of successful education?
  • What are my academic goals, and how do I want to achieve them?
  • What values do I believe need to be imparted to my children?
It is strongly suggested that you research, study, and prayerfully consider this undertaking before deciding that home education is the right choice for your family.