Where Do I Start?

At the IAHE office, the most frequently asked question is “Where do I start?”  In an attempt to answer that  question, to give you the confidence to begin homeschooling, and to provide you with a greater understanding of the concept of home education, we post various informational articles from the IAHE publication, Home Education in Indiana.

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The mention of homeschooling brings varied pictures to people’s minds.  Some people imagine a small schoolroom with desks, books, and an American flag.  Others picture a mother sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table surrounded by children and textbooks.  Still others think of a less formal setting of children at the park, or the museum, or in the garage working on a carpentry project.

These pictures are all accurate.  There are probably as many different styles of homeschools as there are families that homeschool.  Home education simply means that parents are responsible for their children’s entire education.  Part of this education may be delegated to another individual, such as a tutor, music teacher, coach, etc., but ultimately the parent controls and chooses the method of education.

It is the hope of the IAHE that the information on our website will help you to make wise choices for your family.  We have not attempted to cover in depth the broad subject of home education, but only to answer the most frequently asked questions that we believe are critical for new homeschool families. Many excellent books on home education are currently available.  Consider obtaining one of these books or checking out the homeschool section of your library.  We hope the information provided is helpful to you. We are here to serve you and to answer any additional questions that may arise.

Please feel free to contact our office or call your Regional Representative at any time.