Helpful Driver’s License Information

Since many Indiana home educators teach their students to drive, here is helpful information regarding the process:*

Indiana BMV Learner’s Permit information: You must be 16 to get your learner’s permit in Indiana, if you are not enrolled in a paid driver’s ed class endorsed by the State. Link below provides you with a list of what your youth must bring. (birth certificate – original or certified counts as Identity & Lawful Status), and Social Security Card OR Paystub with youth SSN.

FINAL REQUIREMENT: Your BMV agent may or may not consider your youth’s mail acceptable to establish Indiana residency. The best way to be prepared & not need to make another trip bring all of the Secure ID Documents for your own self (birth certificate, driver’s license, 2 pieces of mail in your name & to your address: bank statement and/or utility statements from past 60 days, your Social Security card & you will sign an affidavit for your child. **Written Test & Vision Test are to be taken at this visit BEFORE obtain a learner’s permit.

*Be sure to check out the most current information on the www.in.gov website.


This free online service will help students prepare for the driver knowledge test and become safe drivers.